Full Childcare Center and Preschool dedicated

to helping children reach their full potential in all developmental domains through positive guidance and the principals of developmentally appropriate practice. We strive to help families and children feel they are respected and part of our team and our family. The Creative Garden team values each child's uniqueness and individuality and strives to help children to be confident learners with activities geared to each child's needs. Teachers guide children to make decisions, express their feelings in positive ways, and offer them opportunities to experience independence. Creative Garden team is dedicated to excellence by keeping up on current trends in early childhood. We strive to move up through the Keystone STARS program by reaching out and accepting help and resources from others to help us better our program. We pride ourselves on serving the children we care for to the best of our abilities.


To respect each child’s individuality and each families diversity.

To build confident learners through positive guidance and praise.

To encourage children to express their feelings in safe ways and we as teachers to validate their feelings.

To be committed to helping all children reach their full potential socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

To be committed to excellence through education, training, and support through each other and outside resources for our team.